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Q. Which schools are eligible to receive the Grant?
Grants are available to all public or private, accredited, not-for-profit, educational institutions, museums and libraries involved in K-12, higher education, vocational and technical instruction or administration. SMARTer Kids Grants are available to qualifying educational institutions located in the United States and Canada. Projects that include locations outside of these areas will require special approval from the Foundation.
Q. What is the Grant amount?
A. A Grant amount of 25% to 50% of the list price is awarded on a per unit basis for qualifying SMART Roomware
Q. For what products will the Foundation provide Grants?
A. Grants are provided for SMART Boards and optional Floor Stands, Rear Projection SMART Boards, SMART Board for Plasma Displays, SMART Expression and SynchronEyes. For more information about any of these products, please visit Choosing SMART Roomware
Q. What is the deadline for applying for and utilizing a SMARTer Kids Grant?
A. Generally, applications for the current school year may be submitted at any time prior to midnight, August 31. Notwithstanding the deadline, applications will be processed and Grants awarded as received. Grants must be utilized by September 30th of the same school year.
Q. How does the Foundation decide how Grants will be awarded?
A. You must submit a completed Grant application form that includes a written description of your intended use of SMART Roomware products and reasons for requesting a Grant. A Grant Application Committee will evaluate applications and award Grants based on the application. The Grant approval process requires an authorized reseller to be specified. You may select the reseller with whom you prefer to work by naming your Preferred Reselling Partner (PRP) on the application form. If an appropriate reseller is not indicated on the Grant application, the Foundation will choose a reseller for you. The reseller assigned is exclusively authorized to process your SMARTer Kids Grant.
Q. How will I know if my Grant application is approved?
A. The Foundation will notify you of the committee's decision by fax or e-mail. Notification will occur within 10 working days if your application is received online. Faxed or e-mailed applications will be processed within 30 working days. If awarded, this letter will state your Grant approval number and the name of the reseller who has been authorized to process your SMARTer Kids Grant. If the Preferred Reselling Partner (PRP) indicated is incorrect, please call the Foundation immediately to request a correction.
Q. What is the next step after the Grant is approved?
A. Upon approval of your Grant, the Foundation will also notify your Preferred Reselling Partner (PRP), who will then contact you to discuss your product requirements and assist you with the purchase of your Roomware.
Q. How do I use the Grant?
A. The Grant amount per unit will be netted on your invoice presented at the time of purchase. Your Grant is not redeemable for cash. You may use any portion of the Grant amount and multiple purchase orders are acceptable.
Q. Will a product price change affect my Grant award?
A. In the event of a list price decrease of a qualifying SMART Roomware product before the Grant has been utilized, the Grant percentage will be applied to the new list price. Should the product be discontinued before the Grant is utilized, the Grant will automatically be applied to the newest comparable product.
Q. To whom do I send my purchase order?
A. Please submit your purchase order to MicroAge College Station, being sure to indicate your SMARTer Kids Grant Number. MicroAge will invoice you for the list price of the SMART product less the Grant amount applicable per product.
Q. Are there any other associated costs?
A. MicroAge may add taxes, shipping, installation and training costs, as may be agreed upon.
Q. What support is available from the reseller authorized to process my Grant?
A. MicroAge will help you determine the Roomware that best meets your needs. In addition, we can help with the completion of the Grant application and coordinate the delivery and setup of your Roomware.
Q. How can I seek additional funding?
A. A SMARTer Kids Grant can be used to leverage opportunities for grants from other sources. You are encouraged to seek matching grants that will further reduce the cost of purchasing Roomware for your institution.
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